Monday, April 20, 2009

My Mind is becoming mush....

There are so many things out there that I have decided that I want to write about and that I think need to be discussed that my mind simply just turned to mush in order to protect itself and you from my ramblings, because honestly if I had the time or the right form I would be going off on everything.
Okay I have to talk about this.
Take for instance I was driving on 300 west near McDonald's and turned in to get a drink, there was a man hold a sign that said something to the effect that he was homeless and hungry, my first thought was I could afford to by this man lunch, I went through my wallet and decided that I would have to for go my drink but I have food at home. Before I could get out of the car he had walked away. I thought okay he made enough to buy himself lunch, but then I notice he met up with another man in similar attire (they could have been in uniforms, blue sweatshirt that zipped up, blue ball cap and dirty jeans) gave him the sign and sat down outside McDonald's and took a smoke break. I guess the union of the unemployed panhandlers association even allows 15 min smoke breaks.

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