Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Great Debate!

Does Santa Exist?

What do you tell a six year old, that has tears in her eyes, because an adult with a "heart two sizes two small" told her that he does not.

I tell my child this...

Santa is in your heart...he helps us to remember to give to others...he reminds us to be good and kind to others...he helps us to remember that no matter what we have or don't there are others that might not have anything...and serving or giving of ourselves is more important than objects.

Santa helps us keep the spirit of giving in our heart, and if we believe in Santa we believe that giving is more important that it is to receive. He gives to everybody asking for nothing in return.

Christmas is about Jesus and his birth and his great life, he is the gift that GOD gave us.
I am only saying that for most children even if they understand God's gift and understand Jesus and his sacrifice. Santa is more tangible to children.