Sunday, March 25, 2012

Xander... becoming what he is afraid of!

So the last three or so months have been really interesting, to say the least.

Some people know that you do not give an Autistic child an abstract concept, such as the world might end in 2012. For most of us we understand that the world probably will not end this year, and if it does it will be fast and we won't really know it. But for a boy with autism telling him the world was going to end brought our world to a stand still.

He stopped for all intensive purpose living his life. He digressed in most aspects of life, he hyper focused so intensely on the end of the world that nothing could get done. he even began to watch my little pony, "because they were happy." After some intense stressing, lots of praying and an intervention or two he started settling down and believing that the world had in fact not ended.

He started his life again, re-entered 5th grade with a new enthusiasm and started to enjoy activities again. Then last week he had his maturation program... you know were they explain what kind of changes your body is going to go through as it becomes a man. Again those of you who have autistic kids are probably already shaking your head because you can guess what happened.
With all the things that they told him about fluids and changes and growth and voices the one thing he takes away was that he was going to grow hair... everywhere...

"I DON'T WANT TO BECOME A WEREWOLF." Not a man a werewolf! Funny I didn't hear anything about fangs and claws! So this week it was all I could do to convince him he was not going to be a werewolf.

Threw all of this Xander has worked diligently with his scout troop to move from a Cub Scout (Webelos) to a full Boy Scout... he earned 16 pins, two belt loops, the religious knot, his webelos badge, the World conservation patch and his Arrow of Light. So all the time he spent worrying about becoming a man or a werewolf he was working hard on it. Thursday night he crossed the bridge on his way to adulthood and I couldn't be more proud. Don't get me wrong I know the road a head is not paved in marshmallow but I think as long as I have chocolate in my pocket when he cracks again I will make s'mores.

And for those that don't get the last joke too bad, but it means more for me.