Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It is amazing WHAT can happen it a 
few short years... 

It has been just that since I posted

When I started this blog I was a single parent of two kids, one with some every day hardships mainly because she was a girl and had me for a mom who lets face, as a teen I KNEW everything! And the other and, well lets just say his harsh-ships are not everyday and not common place, and not always even hardships in my book. they are difference, he is a force. I love both of them greatly and would not change what we have been through with a maybe a few less broken/chewed on things, mainly mine but mostly the last four  years have been pretty great and I want to keep a more up to date record because of the last four years.

This Blog is mainly about our lives and what is up with them... they have changed and I will eventually update what has happened in our lives, there has been some minor changes and some significant changes BUT today's post is a 
                                  Thank you letter.

A public Thank you to a my Cousin, Friend, and Mentor Thom Allen:
He has Cancer and is leaving this earth sooner than later and for that I am sad, but he will be on the right hand side of Jesus soon pain free and unencumbered of his illness. And for that I am Thankful.

Because he is my cousin he has been there, in my life most of my life, showing me the ropes... He is a a few years older so he was always like my big brother. Especially when we hit middle school and high school, we had a lot of the same friends, which kept me from getting into more trouble than I already did. :) And his best girl has been one of my best friends Gina Bronson then and Gina Allen for 25 years now she was the one who kidnapped me and took me to my surprise 16th birthday party. 

I love them both and can not imagine life with out Thom and Gina together. The last few years as he has he has gotten sicker and I have struggled with my own sickness we have not been able to spend time together it has been really hard because they are more like friends then family and I felt like we both were walking very different walks but at the same time time had similar turns and thought it would be so much easier if we could go through this together, but that is probably me just being selfish.  Plus at the same time I have watched him be so open about his illness and I have not wanted to tell anyone much about what was going on with me because mine was not as bad so I was okay, 

I want to say that I love Thom and Gina and to all of their kids.

this is a few years ago... 

this is the last one that I was in...

I don't know that I have said it all but I know that I have said enough for now... I love my family, I love Thom and will miss him and thank him, and thank GOD for him!