Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This summer should be fun!

I remember the anticipation of summer and all the fun I was going to have and all the things I was going to do and the time at the pool and with friends and then 3 days in I remember saying I AM BORED!
I don't know if I was really actually bored because I did not have anything really to do or because I was not taught how to think about what great things there was to do, other than talk to friends swim or go to the mall.
Know that I am grown and have children of my own and they are getting older, I want them to be able to think out side the boredom box. I want them to experience things that will help them become the type of people that look for more than one answer to a problem and know that there is an answer to every problem.
They were so excited to gather their friends together and color paper bags. They are even more excited to share with anybody and everybody they meet that they are doing a service project and that we have “groups” as my son calls them. Scheduled fun activities for them and their friends and my daughter giggled because she said she was being home schooled as we were studding math, she thought it was funny and fun. I reminded her it was just for the summer and it was just to keep caught up.
But all this fun they are having with all the planning is so worth it, with all the rain, I have not yet heard I am board once.
Of course it is only the first week of summer and we have 10 weeks left there is always a chance.

Summer Service Project...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life is Changing...

Autism effects 1 out of 150 children... my 8-yr-old is one of them. He was diagnosed with PDD (On the autism scale) at the age of 3. I thought then his life and mine would never be the same.
I talked about his diagnosis in an earlier blog.

I keep seeing articles in the paper and hearing stories on the news that a small percentage of the children effected with Autism have "recovered" or are "cured".

After an extreme amount of testing that the school requires each couple of years I was told that Xander was one of the children that had seemed to make a significant recovery. As I cherish the thought of him fitting in better, my heart breaks for my friends that have older children that have not seen a positive change or have watched them get worse over the years.