Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Little Buddy!

My Littlest Butterfly!!

Wow it has been a While...

It really has been a while since I have written, at least on my blog. I am constantly writing in one place or another, tweeting this or that, often tweeting in my head something that I want to get out in 140 characters or less that needs to be said but that I really don't want anyone to read.

I recently had the dreaded Flu and then pneumonia so all my writing was from my phone to Twitter, Facebook or texting to a friend just to make sure I had some kind of contact. So I have been limiting my contact to about 140 characters and in doing so I have felt disconnected.

I just realized this last night as I talked with a group of friends again in person for the first time in weeks, it took a while for me to open up as I unusually did, not that I wasn't sharing in the conversation but I was not fully sharing, I would stop mid-thought. Even now as I sit here typing I find myself editing what I say even more than usual.

Do not get me wrong I love tweeting and 140 characters is ofter more than I need but I need to keep my personal conversations to more than after all that's what it is really all about any way is it the personal relationships.