Saturday, April 4, 2009

Well It has Been Eight Years!

I can not believe that eight years yesterday I was giving birth to my son Xander. It seems like a dream. I took cupcakes to his class so they could share his Birthday with him and they were able to ask all kinds of questions, things that I had not thought about in a long time. Things he has not seemed interested in as of yet but I am sure he will one day. Events, names, times, he knows where he was born that all that he seemed to care about, and really whether he had hair then or not does not matter he has it know.

I was watching video of him on his second birthday and he does not speak very much at all, one maybe two words, I knew he did not talk much but I did not realize how little until a comment I made in the video about his infant sister babbling more than Xander spoke. You would never know it by the way he uses words know, he still does not talk a lot but he uses them when needed and they are correct and he reads out loud so he has a very large vocabulary but he still uses his words sparingly.

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