Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I under stand the need for adventure!

My 8 yr old said he needed adventure...He packed a bag...and moved...into my walk-in...The bag was filled with a swim suit his favorite stuffed bear "blue bear" two pair of socks, I am sure because he is always leaving one sock somewhere, (my dryer never gets to eat socks, my kids socks never make it that far!) and one blanket. He said he was going to the Antarctic, I reminded him he might need another pair of socks. He thought about it and said okay, and then told me I could use his room for a guest room. Apparently he thinks while he is gone we are going to have tones of guest, based on what I don't know, since we have only had guest once and that was at Christmas. But apparently with him away the house will be an all out hotel and we will need the extra space.
So as I am getting Lily ready for school, oh did I forget to mention this all happened in the 30 min between breakfast and the time we leave for school, well it did.
So as Lily is finishing with dressing and putting shoes on, Xander roles his suit case into my room past us and into my closet and then closes the door. Lily just looks and my and we both giggle and then the door opens and he spits out with a very straight face "This is where I am living from now on!" and the door closes again. Then he proceeds to get dressed for school and then come out of the closet ready to go to school as if it were any other day and nothing strange or out of the ordinary has just happened.

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