Monday, November 17, 2008

He makes me laugh.

Xander has a good sense of what and where things are around the house but his therapist suggested getting even more organized for him with labels that had pictures and then a book to help him do chores, so tonight we went around and labeled the items that he needs to start off with, cloths to get ready for school and bed, were dirty cloths go, were toys go, he help organize. We also made them for the bathroom to help him remember to flush and wash and brush.
After our label making we started home work, he got up and went to the rest room, flushed, washed and came back. He then began to get up set because his paper was wet and had started to tear. I asked him why he did not dry his hands "there was no label" he replied. I just smiled and told him to dry his hand and then made a label.

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