Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The big Family Thing...

When I was growing up I did not have a huge family at home but I did have an extended family that I was raised with. My mother and one of her brothers were really quite close so we spent most holidays back and forth at each others houses. Two of my male cousins and I went to the same high school, one of them and I even had a lot of the same crazy friends. As the years went on we all moved around, had families and for the most part grown apart. But every other year there is that time of year in which we all come together. We crowd into whose ever, turn it is to host dinner, house and sit and reminisce about the old days, talk about the new things that are happening and tell each other we should get together more.
I am thankful that my family is my family and those of which I keep in touch with on a regular basis and even more so for those that I only get to see once a year, because my family helped make me who I am and as crazy and loud and wildly unbelievable as they can be some times they are mine.

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